Your Personalized Hill Helicopter HX50

When it comes to the personal helicopter options available today, myJSL continues to be impressed with the personalization that can be done to the HX50. Founded Dr. Jason Hill, Ph.D., Hill Helicopters’ mission is to fully disrupt the modern general aviation market with a completely revolutionary new private aircraft design. The company is doing this beautifully. Built from the ground up and incorporating the latest structural, propulsion, navigation, and experiential technology, the HX50 is the helicopter redefined.

Hill Helicopters has also unveiled an advanced online aircraft configurator tool for the reimagined HX50 luxury turbine private helicopter. The configurator makes it easier than ever, and it allows you to fully visualize your personalized aircraft while being able to choose the paint color and finish to options supporting a variety of operations and environments.

“We designed HX50 to be an aerial grand tourer, complete with a full suite of VFR equipment, advanced safety features and a class-leading level of standard equipment,” said Hill Helicopters President and CEO Jason Hill. “With our configurator, customers can individualize their aircraft with custom colors and choose from a variety of enhanced capability equipment and further experiential refinements that support a lifetime of unforgettable adventures.”

The Hill HX50 Online Configurator illustrates all standard paint color options in addition to most optional additions. Indicative costs for each option are listed online at, with safety-focused options offered well below market rates to support Hill’s safety-focused approach.

HX50 Available Options & Customizations

Color Selection: The HX50 is available in a range of striking metallic colors, hand selected to accentuate the aircraft’s stunning surface detail and enchanting sleek form. Customers can choose to upgrade to the premium paint package, which includes custom color matching and specialist matte, satin, ultra-metallic, or pearlescent finishes. For those seeking a more assertive or themed appearance, not to worry since Hill provides bespoke paint schemes tailored to your individual needs for a completely individual aircraft appearance.

Climate Seats: Climate seats deliver another level of refinement with controllable electric seat heaters and air- conditioned seat ventilation for all seats.

Refrigerated Center Console: This upgrade to the fully integrated center console includes a small compartment beneath the armrest cushion to chill drinks and inflight snacks.

Blade Fold System: HX50 can be equipped with a simple pilot-operable blade fold system to increase hangar flexibility. Standard lag damper pins are replaced with interlocked quick-release pins, allowing the blades to pivot around the blade roots and orient over the tail cone. Safety interlocks ensure the aircraft cannot be operated without the blades locked in position.

Helimove Smart Ground Handling System: Small, lightweight electric drive units in the wheels allow the aircraft to be easily ground maneuvered, even over uneven terrain, from within the aircraft or remotely via a smartphone/tablet app after shutdown.

4-Axis Advanced Autopilot: All HX50 aircraft are fitted with a 2-axis attitude-based stability augmentation system and autopilot, standard. The 4-axis advanced autopilot upgrade adds servos to the anti-torque pedals and collective, providing a fully automatic flight control system for increased safety and reduce pilot workload.

Hill Advanced Digital Cockpit: HX50’s generously equipped Digital Cockpit provides a full suite of VFR helicopter avionics. The advanced digital cockpit builds on this with synthetic vision and obstacles, a traffic awareness system, weather data integration, an additional radio, a navigation radio and HSI, a radar altimeter, and ATC record and replay.

Emergency Floats: The Hill Emergency Floatation System is fully integrated into flush fitting pockets along the fuselage and inflate within 3 seconds of activation. Floats remain protected while cruise performance remains unaffected for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Heated Pitot Tube: An added layer of protection for the pitot-static system.

Cargo Hook: HX50’s cargo hook system is capable of lifting 800 kg (1,764 lbs.), with an increased aircraft gross weight for external load operations of 1,800 kg (3,968 lbs.). The system includes pilot controls and haptic power management system as well as a Digital Cockpit-integrated load management system and downward looking camera.

Passenger In-Flight Entertainment Preparation: Flexible and convenient mounting and power supply for each passenger's tablet computer allows each to enjoy personalized content, handsfree. Audio is streamed directly to the passenger’s headset, which itself remains fully integrated with the Digital Cockpit and onboard audio system.

Child Safety Seat Preparation: Each passenger seat can be equipped to support rear-facing, forward facing, and booster seats for young children.

Home Base Link: Home Base is a secure wireless link to enable powered hangar doors to be opened or closed from the comfort of the aircraft.

Permanent Skid Undercarriage: Wheeled landing gear is replaced with skids to increase landing flexibility. Note: skid gear does increase drag which reduces cruise speed, range, and autorotation distance.

Removable Soft Ground Landing Kit: The soft ground landing kit includes easily installed and removed attachments for each wheel to expand landing gear surface area.

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