Inside This Designer Manhattan Penthouse

Located at the epicenter of Manhattan, where The Plaza District meets Central Park, often referred to as “Billionaire’s Row,” is the setting for this ultimate opulent experience where design by Covet House meets luxury in a marvelous combination of furniture lighting and accessories. We are fans of this comfortable luxury that will appeal to many of our jetsetters.

With exclusively curated and handpicked furniture lighting and accessories, this millionaire’s apartment is the perfect homage to the characteristic glamorous New York lifestyle. An immersive experience into a world where design meets luxurious pieces and incorporates it into modern design.

The foyer welcomes you into the first steps of a luxury experience. Almost resembling a famous contemporary art gallery both the foyer and hallway are decorated with some Covet House’s most iconic pieces. A clean and glossy aesthetic mixed with golden details provide an exciting aesthetic. A glimpse into what you can expect throughout the other rooms.

As you walk through the main hallway you’ll find yourself in an open space that’s completely astonishing. Merging both living and dining room, this spectacular area uses mainly three colors: Beiges, golds, and hues of brown. Complementing the views of the city, the wide windows and open space create an illusion of the city being into the room itself. The golden finishes of the furniture lighting and accessories resemble the nightlife of the city that never sleeps.

📷 PC: Covet House

Sharing the same area as the living room, the dining room counterparts it perfectly. In the same color palette, this area highlights the dining table as its centerpiece with an eye- catching golden chandelier. A cozy ambiance for a glamorous dinner party or simply the perfect place for a calm and contemplating view over the New York skyline.

A comfortable and ergonomic area, this kitchen is fully equipped with all the needed amenities and an island counter for functionality. With a small dining area with the skyline of New York complementing perfectly that late-night snack or an energizing breakfast.

With a calm appeal not only from the softness of the velvet upholstery used both in the seating areas and bed, but also from the organic shapes of the other furniture pieces as well. The guest bedroom is accompanied by an en-suite bathroom that also shares this same amazing view. An inviting and peaceful bedroom. This room contrasts with the main master bedroom with more organic shapes and brighter colors.  

Varying in its shapes and distancing itself a bit from the common areas, the master bedroom has a much calmer aesthetic. A fantastic room, also with a view to the amazing city and an en-suite bathroom, but this time with much more straight lines and a masculine appeal. Another luxury aesthetic with a more neutral and energetic design.

No need to try to reach the sky when you’re in living in a skyscraper, but this kid’s bedroom is designed to provide that feeling anyways. A fun and whimsical room, complete with an en-suite bathroom and furniture pieces that are both fun and luxurious. These pieces provide limitless possibilities and for the children’s imagination, every corner a new detail for a little explorer.

The office takes its inspiration directly from the main hallway that is complemented with the same aesthetic. Combining comfort and coziness with the hues of the upholstery and the use of mirrors to accommodate the perfect ambiance for a modern feel and an exquisite workplace.

The penthouse is a perfect example of an elevated level of comfortable luxury. We hope that you can find some inspiration from this designer penthouse when time to design your own home.

📷 PC: Covet House

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